Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Black Evening Gowns,Black Prom Dresses

For woman with flat chest and no discernible curves, a tight fit Black Evening Gowns can actually make them look more like a pencil then a woman. Stylists suggest low necklines or even off shoulders, with trimmings over the bust or piping below the bust giving the impression of a bosom and then again some padding or design just below the rib cage to give the waist a illusory curve.
While models will make us believe that skin and bones is the right look, black evening dress actually looks great on well-endowed, voluptuous woman. For woman who are "apple shaped" i.e. have larger upper body can do well to get a black evening dress that is a loose fit on the top and tightens down to hug your waste and legs. This will take the attention away from the upper body shape and highlight the slimmer form of the lower body. Fitted tops or low necklines are to be avoided absolutely. Black wrap dress is probably best avoided too.Black Prom Dresses


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